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The weather hasn’t been all that friendly these past few days. With the Sun glaring up above and a tight schedule ahead. We busied ourselves with a challenge pose to us by a client.

In the beginning, we were busy sorting out small pieces of acrylic cut out alphabets.
small acrylic cut out
Then it got smaller.
small alphabet acrylic cut out

We also used stickers for this project.
medal stickers

Once the stickers have been pasted, it kinda gives of a different feel of effect.

customized acrylic cut out with stickers

Time to get the numbers onto the star.
PVC Cut out with 3D Lettering

Now let’s welcome the big guys.
Display stand

All wrapped up and ready to go.
PVC Display

Adding in a few final touches.
Adding touches on customized acrylic display

And there you have it

Let’s get up close
AIA Acrylic Display

Putting up the final piece, a display sign with 3D Pop up lettering.
Acrylic Indoor Signage

And we are off to the 2nd location.
Acrylic Display And Display Sign with 3D Lettering

Final Product

Make a Difference Save a Life
customized red letters acrylic display

If you’ve come across any one of these 2 displays.

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