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Every poster that you print should be like a book that tells a story. Keep it simple, an onlooker may only have a few seconds to look at your poster and understand as much as possible, it should have as few clutters as possible.
Informative statements and attractive graphic are a must. Making sure to capture your readers attention.

The purpose of a poster is to pass a message in as simple and as clear as possible. It should effectively present a useful information and food for thought. If the details presented in the poster has been described and illustrated better in a paper, consider making the paper available as handout at the poster session. Additionally, the use of colors can be very helpful in maximizing both the clarity of images and making the poster captivating.

There are several things you need to know when designing and printing your own poster. Firstly, do not make the title too large or too small. Consider its distance with the audience. Avoid from making it too large. If it exceeds the width of the poster consider shortening the title and remember that all caps letters are harder to read. Use colors in your posters as it helps to convey additional meaning and feelings. But be careful while selecting the colors that you are using. Make sure that the colors draws attention and serve as meaningful distinctions.

Stress out the key pointers and your conclusions in the poster. Do not focus too much on the little stuff. Communicate with the big picture.

Do not assume that your readers would easily understand your poster. Consider adding helpful tutorial sections to the poster such as an Internet address pointing to an important material or anything else that would help teach your readers what they need to know to understand your poster.

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